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Golf Style – Kael Cheatham


Kael Cheatham | Instagram: @KaelCheatham | Handicap: 12

I met Kael years ago at a networking event and enjoy helping him with his wardrobe. Every time he pops by the shop, is heading to the golf course or just left it. I knew I had to interview him about his golf style and love for the game.

Kael didn’t really get into playing golf til he started his business. As a kid, his father played a ton and he even bought Kael a set of clubs. He wasn’t really into it as a teen because his friends didn’t play. All that changed after college. He enjoys playing with dad (of course), friends, clients, partners and just fell in love with the game. He explained how the game can be so frustrating, however, when you get a couple great shots, it’s all worth it.

What do you usually wear when you golf?

KCI’m more of a shorts and polo kinda guy. I love G/Fore. They make the best shoes, cleats and belts. I also like wearing Lululemon. I do always tuck my shirts in. Even when golfing with buddies I have known for a long time or teeing off at a bad course. No matter what. I’m the guy who tucks his shirts in – even if I’m not Tiger Woods.

What brands do you like to wear when you golf?

KCG/foreLululemon, and sometimes Johnnie-O

What are 5 things you can find in your golf bag (that you can’t tee off without)?

  • At least 1 case of balls
  • About 400 of the same exact tees
  • Divot tool
  • Last season’s glove and this seasons glove – just can’t throw that glove away.
  • My 25-year-old club – “Great Big Bertha” – always use it at least once every round I play.

What brand and style of golf shoes do you love to wear?

KCI really like the modern style golfer shoes – the high-top sneaker with spikes. I favor those especially from Puma or G/Fore.

What are the golf courses you frequent?

KC: In no particular order, I’m a regular at the PhoenicianKierlandEagle Mountain, and
Biltmore. I try to play Troon courses because I have a Troon card.

What courses are on your bucket list?

What pro golfer do you like their on course style the most?

KCI really like Viktor Hovland’s style – he’s young and has cool style. I’m not a big fan of Rickie Fowler. I don’t really care for his bright outfits.

What is one golf tip that improved your golf game?

KCLower your tempo – basically means – as testosterone filled creatures – men want to hit the ball as hard as you can. Baseball players are known for this. However, with golf, I’ve learned to do a slower swing speed to create a tempo and control on the ball. The best golf advice I’ve gotten from my dad.

What is your go to drink while on the course?

KCTransfusion – vodka ginger ale and grapefruit juice – best golf course drink.
That or Coors Light.

What is your must play AZ course for out of towners?

KC: Eagle Mountain – a course that plays well to new and experienced golfers. The views are absolutely amazing. If you are not a good golfer, this course is good because the hills funnel down toward the fairway which makes it very easy to get into the middle of the fairway

I also recommend Stadium Course – TPC Stadium Course. It’s where the WM Phoenix Open is played every year. You can play while they are building the stands or even after the pros play. If you can play right after the tournament, Do IT! The course is in amazing condition and worth the price.


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