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Golf Style – Greg Carey


Greg Carey | Instagram: @oncoursestyle | Handicap: 4.6

Greg found me on Instagram along with a lot of the other cool kids I’ve gotten to interview for this style series. It’s great seeing him and the other guys sporting the looks I sell at my shop on the course and in life. I was excited to interview Greg when he agreed to help with this style series. Enjoy Greg’s interview.

Greg started golfing, or hitting golf balls rather, when he was probably 3 or 4 years old. His dad put golf clubs in the hands of my brothers and him at such a young age. They got lessons growing up too, so it’s something he feels comfortable saying that he has done his whole life. He started taking the game more serious within the past 10 years. During the covid year, he played around 115 rounds of golf. Being a professional athlete, he had the summers off, so what’s better than to get outside and play golf?! Golf has always been something he could do with his dad when he would go back home to visit. Golf is something he loves to do and has played such a huge and important role in his life. It’s something that he looks forward to having in his life, because no matter how good you are, you can play from the ages of 5 to 85 years old, and you can pick it up at any time.

What do you usually wear when you golf? (certain colors, brands, accessories, shorts, etc)

GCSo much blue. It’s my safety zone. But every season Greyson has a new blue that I absolutely must have.

I am part of the #joggersquad on the course. I’ll wear shorts if it’s really really hot. But 90 and under degrees, I’m in joggers.

Always wear a hat, but never wear sunglasses. Just not a shades guy.

And if you wear a white belt, you can just play through. I’m kidding, or am I? But seriously guys. Wear a nice belt. You wouldn’t wear something gaudy with a business suit. Why is it okay on the golf course?

What brands do you like to wear when you golf?

GCI definitely own and wear a lot of Greyson Clothiers stuff. But I like to experiment. I’ve worn G/ForeGalvin GreenBlack QuailLululemonRadda GolfBad BirdieFull WedgePeter MillarPolo, And RLX. I’ve also worn staples like Nike, Puma, and Adidas.

For accessories, my grail belt is my House of Fleming. I love the webbed belts by Royal AlbatrossPatrick Gibbons Handmade are great. Ace of Clubs are good for a season but that’s about it.

Asher golf makes great colored glove. But I always fall back to Footjoy or Titleist

What are 5 things you can find in your golf bag (that you can’t tee off without)?

  • Titleist Pro V1x – The only ball Ill use.
  • Wooden tees – The ball flies better off them, and no I don’t care nor believe about your physics
  • Range Finder – I tend to get awry out there. It helps me back on track
  • Book of Ball marks – I have one from almost every course I’ve played
  • Sunscreen – I am not tougher than the sun

What brand and style of golf shoes do you love to wear?

GCShoes are mostly Footjoy. The Premiere Series Packard. I have a couple limited edition pairs and the standard white. There isn’t a better shoe in the game.

But I’ll step it in NikesEcco or Adidas. But Footjoy just fit the best. My feet are “chonky” as my wife likes to call them, and that wide fit is just right.

What are the golf courses you frequent?

GCMy most played golf course here was my old country club Brookside CC of Allentown. Close second would be Allentown Municipal. Both very different. Both a ton of fun. Though the pizza is definitely better at Allentown.

I’m fortunate to play some great golf courses in the Philly area, and half dozen times a year I get out to Philly Cricket Club which is just phenomenal.

What courses are on your bucket list?

GCMerion and Pine Valley, partly due to proximity. I’ve been in the mid-Atlantic for about 6 years and those are the white whales.

What pro golfer do you like their on course style the most?

GCVan Rooyen or Justin Thomas have terrific style ala Greyson. Shootout to Morgan Hoffman, the OG. He was the reason I first got into golf fashion 6 or so years ago.

What is one golf tip that improved your golf game?

GCI had a very quirky golf instructor growing up. He had some wacky catch phrases. A leaflet book of drawings. And wore gardening gloves to hit balls due to severe arthritis.

But he used to say “gravity with the hands” which was his way of telling me to a) slow down your transition and b) feel like the club is falling down before you start your downswing. And it’s stuck with me forever. I always end up back with that swing thought.

What is your go to drink while on the course?

GCI have a venti cold brew on the way and to begin. If I show up at the course with no coffee, someone see if I’m okay.

I don’t drink much while I play, but I’ll dabble in a Yuengling Lager or a Transfusion if I’m in the mood. I would never say no to a Bloody Mary or a Caesar (in Canada)

What is your must play course for out of towners?

GCSo, I send everyone to Golden Oaks. It’s a 40 minute drive for me. But for a Muni at 35/40 bucks with a cart, getting a long, fair, firm course with fast, pure greens is stuff of legend. Place is amazing. If you can connect with a member, Saucon Valley Country Club or Lehigh Valley Country Club are among some of the best in the State (PA).


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