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Golf Style – Craig Hoffman


Craig Hoffman | Instagram: @hausemann2 | Handicap: 6

Craig started playing golf around 12 years old due to 2 friends of his in grade school. Their families owned a par 3 golf course that he started playing. It was tough playing with friends who were much better than him, but it gave him the desire to get better, too. He was hooked pretty early on the game.

Craig got his father into golf and enjoyed playing a round with him most weekends while he still lived at home. Those rounds are some of my best memories of the game; from encouragement to get through the poor shots, the thrill of playing your best, and the witnessing of the crazy, like skipping shots across ponds onto the green, strange bounces that somehow find the fairway, and even witnessing a hole in one.

Craig loves the competition between friends and golf allows those of all abilities to compete together. It is both a personal test and a fun time outdoors, whether you are playing with long time friends or sneaking in a solo round when you have the time. It is a social game which can be rare; not a lot of sports or events have you joining a group of strangers for hours on end, but that’s part of the fun and what keeps the game new and exciting.

Craig found my shop on Instagram and has been a great client. I was happy when he agreed to be interviewed for this style series. Enjoy his interview!

What do you usually wear when you golf? (certain colors, brands, accessories, shorts, etc)

CH: I started to focus on certain brands in the last 3 years which include GreysonFootjoy, and Asher. Larger brands have great selections, but quality can vary wildly which turned me away from them. Summer golf is shorts and a polo, classic golf shoes like the FJ Premiere Series with no show socks (I am not a fan of socks above the ankle). Cleaner lines, fit and style is my go to look. I have delved into bolder patterns and colors with the help of social media scripting. An athletic fit helps keep the look clean. A patterned polo with solid shorts is the typical look, but I have added joggers (which are very comfortable) to cooler morning rounds of gold and will add light weight layering pieces like vests and ¼ zips to the look as temps drop.

What brands do you like to wear when you golf?

CHGreyson has quickly become my favorite brand with the color options. They provide a great fit, patterns, and colors which make them very versatile. Footjoy is a tried and true brand who have good clothing, but their shoes are what stand out. The Premiere Series which keep the classic look but provide comfort while walking have been my favorite shoe by far. Asher has popped up, too, with amazing glove colors, and even clothing that are great for cooler rounds; they have a cotton content which is fine for spring and autumn, but hot days really call for synthetic threads.

What brand and style of golf shoes do you love to wear?

CHFootjoy. And they must be waterproof. I frequent the course before 6am most rounds so dew comes into play and wet feet are not fun to walk in. I love the styles offered, but the classic look of the Premiere Series, especially the Flint and the Tarlow add a nice touch of sophistication to my look. Though sneaker style golf shoes can be comfortable, they are too casual for my tastes and the new styles from FJ offer plenty of support while maintaining their look. I have 4 pairs; white, black, gray, and one crazy color.

What are 5 things you can find in your golf bag (that you can’t tee off without)?

CH: I have always carried a golf ball with my father’s mark on it ever since he passed in 2010. Rounds with my dad are some of my greatest memories. I carry ball marks from 2 of my favorite courses; Port Royal in Bermuda, and Baywood Greens in Delaware. My blackwatch plaid rain shirt is a must since rain will not keep me off the course, unless a marshall comes out in a canoe and says the conditions are a bit too wet. Lastly, a flask. Typically it is bourbon, but I carry something to toast a good shot, great friends, or a hole in one (which I have witnessed 4 of) but I “try” to keep the flask in the bag until the afternoon.

What are the golf courses you frequent?

CH: My typical courses are within an hour travel time:

  • Iron Valley Golf Club is built on an old quarry which offers big elevation changes, an island green par 3 and enough trees and water to make you question each shot. It is a lot of fun to take friends to experience it for their first time and offers great views across the valley, too.
  • Broad Run is beautiful, traversing through 360+ acres of woodland, hills, and farms. There are no flat lies so those in the fairway and someone’s back yard rough experience the same lies. Various hole designs keep it interesting and offer a risk-reward experience that I enjoy.
  • Wyncote is close to a links style, and though flatter than the first 2 courses, offers rolling fairways that can go from friendly to unforgiving with one bounce. Generous greens, well maintain fescue and club house make this a great venue to frequent.

What courses are on your bucket list?

CH: I have not had many golf trips, but do have courses I’d like to get out to.

  • I have seen the Old Course in person but would love to play it one day.
  • Tobacco Road is also high on my list for the unique layout and experience it would offer.
  • Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand. The cliffs, the views…and it is in New Zealand.

What pro golfer do you like their on course style the most?

CH: Justin Thomas dresses well, bringing the neat, well fit clothing with a bit of fun with some of his shoe styles. Going from Ralph Lauren to Greyson has provided a great collection of styles to strive for.
His counter part on the Greyson team, Erik Van Rooyen brings a playful style with bright colors, patterns, and of course, the joggers. I bounce between Thomas and Van Rooyen as far as looks go, though I cannot pull off a mustache with success like Van Rooyen’s.

What is one golf tip that improved your golf game?

CH: If we are not counting a lesson (getting lessons has been the greatest thing for my golf game ever), then it would be the tip of ‘tempo’. Swinging for the fences was fun as a kid but the results were…disappointing. Maintaining a swing with proper tempo makes sequencing things easier and results in better contact, better control, and more consistency. In the end, even a weekend hacker will post lower scores if their swing is repeatable, and the end result is predictable.

What is your go to drink while on the course?

CH: Water. I will drink a fun drink or two depending on the round; casual with friends (transfusions), tournament play (gatorade), solo round to work on my game (coffee), but water is a necessity, especially when outside in the sun for multiple hours while walking. The doctor says I am not getting younger and I believe him.

What is your must play course for out of towners?

CHIron Valley. As mentioned above, the changes in elevation are dramatic. Both 9’s offer a different layout; one more open and affected by wind that include the island par 3, and the back which is nestled in the woods with drops from tee to green over 100 feet on a few holes. It is a great place to test your game upon and provides many an opportunity to goad your competition to go for it, if they are brave enough.


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