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Go Team, Go!


Fashion and football, not two topics typically sequestered into one category. But let’s talk about looking the part of ‘dedicated fan’ and drawing the line at escaped mental patient with an affinity for finger paint.

An extreme case of bead and body paint.

An extreme case of beads and body paint.

So let’s explore what kind of fan you really are. There’s a few categories of fanhood that you can fall into.

  1. The Hardcore Fan: You’re one brush stroke away from Mr. Blue (above example), the passion is real in your world, you take a loss personally.
  2. The Party Boy Fan:  You’re a VIP at the local tailgate, and might be more focused on the beer pong champ than who scores the winning touchdown.
  3. The Bandwagon Fan: You’re the new kid on the block, looking for a good time, new friends but have no personal ties to the local teams.

Hardcore Fans
, listen up. Before you step out of your home in your custom team snuggie, let’s reevaluate some of your options. There are a lot of ways you can show your team some love without leading onlookers to wonder if there’s a bald Muppet traipsing around nearby.

I get it, you want people to feel the passion. You can still be “decked” out in team swag, but let’s do it with a little less crazy and a little more class. If it’s head to toe you’re going for, check out the below items:

Nebraska Cornhuskers hat

Nike launched custom college footwear for almost every team imaginable.

U of A Nike Shoes
  • I know a simple t-shirt won’t do for this kind of fan. But why not go for a timeless, custom jersey? 
  • Tread lightly here, if you’re going to sport these- have a sense of humor and a plain shirt.

Alright Party Boys, you’re up. Since you’re still reliving those college days, let’s go for a retro vibe with your looks. You may have a passion for the team playing, but that doesn’t mean you’ll make it to the game

Bandwagon fans, hop on board. You’re new around here and don’t want to seem over-enthusiastic about a team you know nothing about. Stay simple, give the “I tried, but not too hard” vibe.

  • A subtle, tasteful way to sport team gear while bulking up your golf game wardrobe, enter the team polo. It won’t go to waste after the game is over, and can now serve as a conversational piece.
  • Know the team colors and playoff that, go for classics like Vans or Chucks that incorporate the teams main color.
  • If you feel like you may become a regular at your new bud’s tailgate, snag a casual hat. A team hat gives you the pass to wear a white tee and jeans but still be one of the bros.

Some go-to fan sites I recommend:

  1. Original Retro Brand for the best retro college gear
  2. College Football Store for all things college football
  3. Fanatics for all things sports related


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