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Flatter Yourself


Dressing for your body type is not something only women should be conscious of. D’marge helps us dissect what “flattering” means for men. Fashion, for both men and women, typically lends itself to only complement a stick figure. No matter the gender, no one wants the phrase “fat guy in a little coat” to apply.

“What’s more important when it comes to fashion for the larger gent, the acceptance that most ready-to-wear fashion brands are not your friend, nor are the magazines and the fashion lads that parade their clothes. So turn over that glossy page for good.”

  1. Looking good and feeling good generates confidence. Embrace your shape, height, weight, and make it work for you with the right ensemble. “Bigger” personalities are shaking up men’s fashion, for the better. Take a look at DJ Khaled and James Corden.

These two full bodied icons are utilizing “visual trickery” to to keep the eye from settling anywhere unflattering.

  • Key Takeaways:
    • Always tucking dress shirts into trousers
    • Add a belt to break up the belly
    • Vertical Lines are your friend, create lineage with a v-neck or a row of buttons
    • Employ darker colors for your larger regions, and lighter colors over your best asset

2.Next piece of advice, stick to solids colors, keep in mind this doesn’t mean boring. Jonah Hill is a monochromatic genius.

  • Key Takeaways:
    • When choosing colors go for navy, chocolate, olive, black and grey
    • Dark colors create flattering space that complement your shape
    • Simplicity + Structure = fashion WIN

3. Skip off the rack suits and invest in bespoke suits, or tailoring. Made to measure pieces are more costly, but will far outlast typical retail suits, and are fit to flatter. Choose quality fabrics and timeless hues so the custom pieces will last through fashion fads. When trouser shopping, opt for pants that skim the heel, or slightly shorter. Your jacket should cut the shoulder sharply and when fastened should fit properly so that when seated there’s no pulling.


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