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Fall Jacket Preview


The ultimate staple for the Fall-Winter season is a great jacket that’s tailored to your measurements. You may already have your go-to navy blazer and patterned jackets in your wardrobe, but it’s time to introduce new styles for a sophisticated refresh this Fall season. Brand new fabrics have just arrived, and I’m thrilled to show you the Fall-Winter 2023 collection from Loro Piana.

In this collection, we’re seeing larger, tonal patterns, giving your jacket a smart and sleek look. Oversized and contrast patterns are woven into each fabric, making it appear more subtle. Compared to Loro Piana’s previous collections, with patterns that were a bit brighter, these fabrications are perfect for the upcoming season. We see shades of brown, navy blue, dark red, forest green, and a cool pop of purple. I love this new collection, and I know you will too.

Brown Patterns

Last year, brown was on-trend for men’s jackets, suits, slacks, and accessories. However, the browns from last year’s collections were darker and richer, while this year, we’re seeing softer shades. These shades of brown with subtle oversized patterns are classic yet contemporary. The tonality of these fabrications make them wearable all year round for various occasions. Brown patterns offer a luxurious and versatile wardrobe option for the office, dinner date, or event.

Classic Navy Blue and Grey Patterns

If you’re looking for a jacket with seasonality, but not trendy, definitely try a navy blue plaid. These new patterns from Loro Piana are stunning for sophisticated and modern looks. A navy blue plaid is universal, and it looks great with a variety of ensembles. You can style it with a button-up, flannel shirt, or even a hoodie. My favorite pattern from Loro Piana’s Fall collection last year was a gray plaid, and I am thrilled to see a reiteration of a similar pattern this season. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Dark Red Patterns

Loro Piana is also introducing dark red patterns with various shades, from wine to berry. These are great for someone who is looking for a seasonal yet ultra wearable look. I’m a big fan of these dark red patterns for Fall—the mix of colored yarns in the fabric completely elevates the look. These fabrics are so wearable, they can be dressed up with dress slacks or dressed down with jeans. If I had to pick one jacket this Fall, it would be one of these fabrics. The dark red is a must-have if you want a new modern, cool look this season.

Forest Green Patterns

In the world of menswear, green is one of the most important, hottest colors this season. For a couple of seasons now, we have seen men’s collections with shades of green, from emerald to teal. This Fall, the forest green patterns are more toned down and pair well with blues. These shades of green are more wearable yet still fresh. Green is always a statement, but now we’re seeing the color styled across modern and cleaner looks. Rather than pairing it with bold colors, forest green is a statement of its own, and it looks great in more tonal looks or paired with navy. These oversized patterns, blending green and blue, are simple and chic while offering a seasonal color.

Pop of Purple

Are you ready for a pop of purple in your wardrobe? And how many men have you seen rocking a purple jacket? I haven’t seen many, but we now have the perfect purple fabrication. This purple plaid is very tastefully designed, and I think it’s one of the coolest fabrics this season. When Loro Piana introduces a bolder color, they always do it in a luxurious, impressive way. This pattern is just that—it will elevate any look, and it is bound to impress. This jacket is perfect for a gentleman who loves his jackets and needs a new one every season to update his look. If that sounds like you, this purple plaid is a must-have for Fall.

I hope you enjoyed previewing the new Fall-Winter collection from Loro Piana. If you love these fabrics, I’d love to make a custom jacket for you, tailored perfectly to your measurements. A made-to-order jacket is a Fall wardrobe essential, and you’ll be the sharpest in the room with a jacket made of the newest fabrications.

I can make custom jackets for both men and women, so be sure to share with your wife, colleagues, or coworkers. I welcome you to visit the shop, and we can explore the new fabrics together and design a jacket just for you.

If you are a fan of Scabal or Gladson fabrics, their Fall collections are also on the way. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!

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