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Embroidered Masks


Masks aren’t going away anytime soon.  It’s becoming the newest and hottest fashion accessory.  I’ve made masks that match shirts, jackets, suits and even your pocket square.  Coordinating your mask your match to your outfit is fun and a great way to bring a smile to someone when sporting your mask.

The latest design for masks is adding your logo or brand.  I’ve been embroidering logos on many client’s masks and here are some of latest ones I’ve made:

Here is how it works

  1. Email me your logo or image you would like embroidered on your masks ([email protected])
  2. Pick what color you would like the mask to be made in.  I have a variety of solid colors to choose from.
  3. Let me know what colors you would like the embroidery to be.
  4. I can make the masks in small (Kids size), medium (women’s size) or large (men’s size)
  5. I ask for a minimum of 5 masks for the embroideries, however, you can select whatever sizes you like.   Doesn’t have to be all 1 size.  Let me know the size breakdown for your order
  6. I need about 7-10 days to embroider the masks.
  7. Masks are $18 each and there is a $25 artwork set up fee for the order

If your child has a larger face/head, you may want to pick the medium size.  If you are a lady but have a large face/head, the large size maybe more comfortable for you. If you are a man but have a smaller head, the medium size maybe much more comfortable.   Don’t worry so much on what I call the sizes they are just a guide.

Adding your logo or brand to your mask is a great way to advertise your business.

Looking for a solid mask or something with a pattern, check out my selection on my online store:


Stay safe everyone!


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