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Elvis Presley’s Trailblazing Style Makes A Comeback


With the recent June 24 release of Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Elvis,’ we thought it appropriate to revisit the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s enduring style and pay homage to the look he created.  In general, it has a ‘retro modern’ feel, but truly, Elvis never really left the fashion conversation.

With a career that spanned country fairs, the birth of rock ’n’ roll and the introduction of Las Vegas glamour, Elvis also introduced his distinctive style signatures including his slick hair, blue jeans and, later in his career, glitzy jumpsuits and metal sunglasses.  And, even though his statement collars may be copied by those in the media, entertainment and arts businesses, at Q. Contrary, we think they’ve played a role in the understated yet energized menswear look of 2022.

We carry the Montechiaro brand.  It’s an Italian line of high-quality casual yet dressy polos where the focus is on the collar and trims. Made from the finest cottons, jersey, mercerized jersey, extra fine double mercerized jersey and pique, their offerings feature standout collars that make a modern retro statement due to their contrasting colors, fabrics, and detailing.  These polos are dressier than the typical polo and can be worn under a sport coat or stand on their own coupled with a pair of dress pants.  They’re the perfect selection for date night.

At Q. Contrary, we also carry Mizzen+Main, a leading manufacturer of ‘performance’ dress shirts as well as casual short sleeve shirts and polos.  All of their offerings have great collars, too, but that’s not really their story.  By combining the perfect blend of fibers with modern silhouettes and using moisture-wicking technology, their dress shirts will make you look good and feel good, too. In fact, their shirts are so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing workout gear.  It’s like you’re going to the gym but looking like you work on Wall Street.  The same holds true for their more casual short sleeve shirts and polos which are light weight, breathable, and as comfortable as a typical golf shirt.

A final word.  You needn’t embrace over-the-top exceedingly large ‘Elvis’ collars to conquer this retro modern trend.  Take a cue from Presley and wear a shirt or polo with a collar layered over a jacket’s lapels.  Don’t forget, always leave the top button undone to present a self-assured nonchalance.

I’m Mary from Q. Contrary.  Check out my shop in Phoenix at 3168 East Camelback Road or visit my online store.  I carry many items to help you create that modern retro look, and I’d love to help you update your wardrobe.  ‘Elvis’ has re-entered the room.


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