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Dress to Impress with Elevated Menswear Basics


If you have already built a wardrobe of basics, it’s time to add stylish yet timeless fashion pieces. By adding a few high-quality, fashionable pieces, you can bring your look to the next level, and your friends might even wonder who’s styling you! With just a few pieces, you will be that effortlessly cool guy who everyone notices when he enters the room. Keep reading to learn which elevated menswear basics are essential to have in your wardrobe. 

The Cool Coat

Make a statement with a timeless coat that is wearable yet fashionable. Look for a coat with cool design details, such as utility pockets and a structured collar. I would recommend a Dartmoor jacket, which I custom make in my shop. If you don’t want a fully custom-made jacket, make sure to have your coat tailored to your build, which will further elevate the piece. Choose timeless colors, such as black, gray, navy, or dark green, for years of wear. You can pair a coat with any great basics, such as a collared shirt and dark jeans or slacks. Pop the collar with sunglasses for an ultra-cool, edgy look, and you’re sure to turn heads. Remember, you have the confidence to pull it off! 

The Puffer Vest

A great vest is a unique and functional piece. A vest made of puffy fabric is sporty yet chic, and you’ll appreciate how comfortable the material is when worn. Opt for a solid black vest for the most elevated look. When layering, do not layer a puffer vest over a sport coat or outerwear; rather, put it over a basic long sleeve shirt or sweater to add a layer of style to your outfit. A great vest can easily become one of your everyday go-to pieces.

The Chic Hoodie

When you think of a classic hoodie, you might imagine collegiate gear or sportswear, but think again—hoodies can be elevated and add a cool, youthful touch to your outfit. You might already have a nice crewneck sweater or a quarter zip in your wardrobe, but an elevated hoodie sweater is a great addition, allowing for unique styling options. Select a knit hoodie made of high-quality material, such as cotton or cashmere. For endless styling options, stick with a cool neutral color palette, such as black, charcoal, or even dark green. You can pair a knit hoodie with a coat or puffer vest for colder weather. If you want to try a more youthful look, you can layer the hoodie under a sports coat for a cool and sporty outfit—this is how a lot of young guys are elevating their hoodies!

For your casual outfits, don’t be afraid to try a hoodie with a fun print. You can pair a printed hoodie with jeans or cool shorts and sneakers. A printed or colorful hoodie can add more playfulness into your wardrobe while maintaining a smart-casual and edgy look.

The Sharp Polo

You might already have a few polos in your wardrobe for your days on the golf course, but an elevated polo differs from your sporty golf polo. Introduce a sharp cotton polo with a nice collar. A high-quality polo is essential for layering under jackets or sweaters. Choosing a unique fashionable color, such as burgundy or ocean blue, further elevates the look of your polo. In addition to a unique color, you can select a polo with a special edge detail, making the style even cleaner and dressier.

The Woven Shirt

Dare to play on current trends with a printed woven shirt. If you’re going for a fun, eye-catching outfit, you can try a large all-over print. If a large print is too loud and you want to appear more understated, try a clean microprint. A fun woven shirt can show your personality and allows you to play with your personal style.

Woven shirts pair perfectly with most wardrobe basics, from khakis to dressier pants. Pair your woven shirt with colored shorts or jeans for any social occasion, from a pool party to day on the town. You can even try it on under a blazer with slacks to add an edgy statement to your look. Try a few fun polos in unique colors or prints and see how it fits into your wardrobe. If it suits your personal style, you can introduce bolder prints and colorful options.

The Textured Sweater

A lightweight knit sweater is a go-to, versatile shirt option. Choose one with a little edge and style, such as a waffle knit. Elevate your color palette with rich shades of ivory, tan, and even blue. A lightweight, textured sweater is perfect to wear for a weekend at the beach or in the woods—unlike heavy cashmere or hoodies, it won’t be too hot, and you can wear it all year round.

Shoes and Accessories

Shoes and accessories add the final touch to your elevated look. If you want to be edgy yet sophisticated, you need a great pair of Chelsea boots. You can pair boots with dark jeans, and you’ll see that Chelsea boots are cooler and more polished compared to sneakers. Further accessorize with a classic leather belt in brown or black, sunglasses, and a silver wrist cuff or your favorite watch. Don’t forget to finish off your look with an invisible accessory—cologne!

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From chic outerwear to cool knitwear and accessories, there are many ways you can integrate elevated basics into your established wardrobe. Add pieces with style and edge, and you’ll turn heads with your effortlessly elevated style. If you still need help with styling your look, visit me in the shop and I can make my best recommendations. We can even custom make your jacket and tailor your elevated outfits to your individual needs!

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