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Don’t Sweat it… Summer Fabrics You Need.


Struggling to beat the heat in style? Avoiding sleeveless tops, aka tank-tops, and shorts at all costs, these are the fabrics you need to know about.

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Tropical Weight Wool

1. Enter the cult classic, Cotton. Cotton is accessible and affordable and is probably in almost all of your current items. Due to it’s naturally occurring, moisture wicking


qualities it creates airy breathing room between you and your garment.

Your go-to Cotton pieces:

Gray Tee

White Tee 

Navy Tee 

If you’re looking to incorporate cotton into more business appropriate attire, try Cotton Cashmere fabrics. I have a wide variety of options and it makes for a perfect weight for slacks or a sport coat.

2. Linen is next on our list. Linen often brings to mind an image of an older man with a few too many buttons undone, showing off a large chain of some kind situated atop an abundance chest hair. However I’m here to tell you, if wisely selected, Linen can greatly improve your wardrobe and save you from an unwanted heat stroke.

The 4,000 year old fiber has proven it can outlast even an Arizona summer. It’s tremendous ability to absorb a fifth of its water weight is what keeps you dry. This versatile fabric is a great way to up your summer wardrobe game, it’s wide variety of patterns and it’s airy aesthetic make for a great short sleeve shirt or a pair of shorts.

Be sure to checkout my Custom Shirts service to explore your options.

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3. Tropical Weight Wool, yes I said wool, is a game-changer!  In comparison to cold weather wool, coming in at up to 18oz this wool can weigh as little as 6oz.

SILVER GHOST 704591 Cutlength logo_preview

This type of wool will keep you looking professional without encouraging your own personal pool of sweat to form. It also wrinkles far less than linen and keeps its form throughout a long day. This fabric allows you to wear light, neutral colored suits without looking too “costumey” or too casual.

Scabal is my go-to choice for luxury fabrics, they supply some of the best lightweight suiting fabrics for unique wardrobe options.

Be sure to check out my services and email [email protected] or call 480.485.1680 to schedule a personal fitting or a wardrobe consultation.


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