A Seersucker Summer

Summer is here, and that means one thing for Arizonans… triple digit temps. The phrase “summer wardrobe” may not be something you’re familiar with just yet. But let me assure you, you NEED a summer wardrobe when you live in the Valley of the Sun.

I often hear about the struggle for clients to maintain professionalism without permitting a heat stroke. Luckily for them, breathability is one of my forte’s. I bring in an array of lightweight, functional summer fabric swatches for them to choose from. There’s a wide variety of fibers and fabrics suitable (no pun intended) for warm weather garb. One of my favorites and one I consider timeless, is Seersucker.


Seersucker is a durable, textured fabric that is more crease/wrinkle resistant than most alternatives such as say, Linen. I also love the sincere versatility of this fabric, because of the uprise in men’s fashion has called for creative use of the fabric, it can be seen as an accessory, a suit, a pair of shorts or a jacket, essentially it can be utilized for just about anything. Fashion Beans claims Seersucker “slowly came to represent the ultimate leisure suit of the upper classes.”

The fabric is perfect for a no-fuss look. It provides enough color, pattern, texture to eliminate having to think about additional accessories or color choice for coordinating pieces. That being said, there are a few rules to abide by. There’s a fine line between preppy-cool and Colonel Sanders. Chris Evans perfects the Seersucker suit by staying away from stark white accessories and instead pairs the suit with darker pieces. Untitled-14.jpgTake note of Ryan Gosling’s incorporation of the fabric into a flawless business casual look. To execute this look all you need is a tailored white cotton shirt and slim fit Seersucker pants. Fit is absolutely key when considering this fabric. If not properly fit Seersucker can add bulk to all the wrong places.

Here are some easy, go-to Seersucker pieces you can add to your wardrobe:

Chino Shorts 

Baseball Cap 

Button Up 

Bomber Jacket 

Feeling ready to contemplate a custom summer wardrobe? Email mary@qcontrary.com to schedule an appointment.


Best-Dressed Men from the 2018 Met Gala Red Carpet

Themed parties are a challenge for most attendees but can you imagine dressing for the theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”?

Some took the route of robes and jewels, coated in heavy, gilded fabrics, paying homage to the Met Gala theme, while others went a more subtle route exploring gem tones and religious embellishments. Here’s some of my favorites from the Red Carpet.

Nick Jonas channeled the theme while still holding true to his personal style. Though the ensemble was less, shall we say flamboyant than other guests, the attention to detail

met-gala-2018-nick-jonas.jpgshould not be overlooked. Nick’s Dolce & Gabbana single-breasted shawl lapel tuxedo in black silk brocade featured 24k gold thread and delicate hand-top stitching. His tasteful take on men’s jewelry added the finishing touch to his look and harmonized with the theme.

P.Diddy paid close attention to this year’s gala theme, and channeled the Pope himself. The up-and-coming fashion house, Musika Frère helped make his inspiration a reality. If the entirely white custom suit wasn’t a dead giveaway of his muse, surely his Lorraine Schwartz jewelry would make the statement.


Jared Leto has not been known for his subtle taste in fashion, needless to say he took this opportunity to show off his appreciation for ornate fashions. Leto attended in a head to toe Gucci ensemble, some are calling him “Gucci Jesus.” Every piece of this look adheres to the religious theme. Between his Virgin Mary blue suit, his brocade stole and the more obvious golden crown and shoulder length locks, Leto surely takes the prize home for the most “on theme” look for the evening.

jared-leto-met-gala-look-1525784950 (1).jpg

The dynamic rapping trio, Migos never misses an opportunity to make a fashion statement. The group wore coordinated Versace suits, honoring their first hit single Versace and sticking true to theme the Italian fashion house, often pays reverence to the country’s primarily Catholic faith in their extravagant designs. They offset the decorative blazers with plain black trousers. This look doesn’t work for everyone, but certainly falls in line with their stylistic taste.


If Baroque-era aesthetic, all-white garb and crazy prints aren’t your forte, stick to well-made timeless classics. Take note from the likes of Bradley Cooper, Alex Rodriguez and George Clooney. You can never go wrong with a classic suit or tuxedo, they won’t go out of style and it’s incredibly difficult to look bad in a quintessential classic.


Photos from:

Men’s Health

Footwear News






The Super Bowl Of Fashion

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City held one of their premier parties and fundraisers last night.  This time they honored and showcased Comme des Garcon designer Rei Kawakubo.   I love watching the red carpet and seeing what everyone is wearing. Doesn’t everyone do the same.  Here are some of my favorite looks from the men last night. They sported great looks if you are going to a black time event or getting married.  The trend was tuxedo with a twist.  Three things to keep in mind: 1. texture, 2. pattern, 3. color.  Men today aren’t afraid to leave their classic tuxedo at home and step out in something that makes a statement.

Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com
Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com
Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com
Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com

Met Gala 2017

photo courtesy of Vogue.com

Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com
Met Gala 2017
photo courtesy of Vogue.com

Oscars ’17 Red Carpet Looks

The men of hollywood stepped out last night looking quite dapper in their tuxedos.  I love how the gentleman put their own spin on their look.  If it was a peak lapel vs a shawl lapel or a colored jacket vs the classic black tux.  Each hollywood star shined in his tux.  One common theme for the evening was each man’s look was tailored and fit just right.


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