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Building a Professional Wardrobe


Here are the basic building blocks to follow when building a professional wardrobe:

  1. Suits – You should have these 2 basic suit colors in your wardrobe: medium grey and blue. These are core and classic colors you can wear all year round to client appointments as well as evening events.
  2. Trousers – It is important to wear dark and neutral colors such as black, navy and dark grey. More importantly is the fit. Trousers should be tailored to you. If your slacks are too long or too short, they make you look sloppy and unprofessional.
  3. Dress shirts – You need a minimum of 6 dress shirts in your wardrobe. This allows you one for each day of the week and an extra incase you spill something on your shirt or you sweat a lot. Keep this 6th shirt with you in your car or office for emergencies. Pick dress shirt colors that can be worn with your suits and slacks. The basic colors I suggest are white, lt blue, medium blue and purple.
  4. Your tailor is your best friend! Following the first 3 guidelines is great, however, if the clothes are too loose/baggy or small, you are not presenting your best self. Not all clothes off the rack are made for you and a good tailor can help you alter your clothes to fit you better and ultimately you will feel more comfortable.
  5. Nothing completes an outfit like good shoes and belt. Your shoes need to be shined and your belt needs to match your shoes. Clients and executives will notice these details.Classic Navy plaid suit for professional wardobe


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