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Bottoms for Your Bottom


Men today have so many pant options to fit their needs.  Years back, their options were strictly flat front vs. pleats, jeans or khakis.  Today their options have grown from slim with stretch to tech/performance features, to non-iron/travelers and colorful/brights, etc.  If you still struggle finding pants to fit your tush, let me help break down a handful of slacks that are in the current market.  I carry them in my shop and think these suggestions might help solve your dilemma.

Most Popular Pant – Must be able to perform

The most popular pant in the market today (in my option, because a lot of my customers wear them) is the ABC pant from Lululemon.  ABC stands for “Anti Ball Crushing” and these pants do what they say! Lululemon has expanded this pant to a couple different fits/styles so you will have to find the one that’s right for you.  First and foremost, men love these pants because they’re so comfortable.  The fabric is light weight, stretches and can be worn to the office or to the game.  I personally love Lululemon’s fabrics and if you take care of their clothes, they will last.  If you haven’t worn this pant, try it.  They sell for $128, and Lulu … has a couple shops here in town as well as beingavailable online.

If you are looking for a technical/performance pant but don’t want to look like every guy in your office, here are some other options. I carry a great brand called Ballin and they make the best men’s trouser in the market.  They carry four different fits.  For gentlemen with larger thighs and seats who don’t want something tight, visit my shop.  Ballin fabrics are light weight, have some stretch and are offered in lots of colors.  Their pants run $185, and hemming is always complimentary.

Alternative to Jeans

If you struggle with finding jeans that fit, stay tuned. Soon I’ll write a blog about denim brands and their respective fits.

If you prefer something else, there are a handful of great alternatives to denim.  The most common is a cotton pant but I’m not talking about cotton khakis like Dockers.  I’m talking about a colored cotton pant.  Of course they can be tan/khaki, but there are many more colors  available today.  One of the most popular brands is AJ.  They make agreat cotton stretch pant in a variety of colors.  AJ offers a couple of fits so pay attention to what you prefer.  You can find these pants at Nordstrom,  Nordstrom Rack, and their new store in Fashion Square.  Another great denim brand that offers colors is Paige.  Their quality is better than AG.  Give them a try.  However, my favorite denim brand is Fidelity, and they make a couple of colored cotton options as well.  Many of my clients have been wearing their jeans so they’re familiar with the brand, and I just received a handful in my shop. I have 2 colors available – lt grey and sage green.  Stop by anytime or check my online shop.

Today’s Dress Pant

Men’s dress pants made from 100% wool are still a staple in every gentleman’s wardrobe.  Many brands offer a variety of colors and styles to cover all personal preferences from navy to charcoal, flat front or pleated.  Currently you can also finddress pants made in a performance fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable.  They still look like a dress pant but only you will know it’s not wool.

Patterned pants are another option.  Many men are wearing slacks without a jacket these days and adding some pattern to your pants can give your look new life.  Sure, most men have blue, grey and charcoal slacks in their rotation.  Next time add a check pattern or a solid that is multi-colored vs. a true solid color.  Here are a couple great examples I have in my shop.

In this category, another quality brand to consider is Ted Baker.  I feel they are the new Hugo Boss.  Some years ago, every guy was going crazy over Hugo Boss suits and pants.  Then their quality declined and knock offs flooded the market.  When everyone in town is wearing a trendy brand, the cool kids like to be one step ahead with something new.  Ted Baker has stepped up to the plate to fulfill this demand.  Their quality is superb, the fit is trim and the style is modern.  If you have more muscular thighs, this brand may not be for you, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try.  My advice:  If you are going new, go bold and pick a pattern.  You can thank me later when you get all the compliments.

Need help finding the right pant for you? Send me an email ([email protected]) or text (602-301-6987) and include a picture of yourself in your favorite slacks.  I’m happy to help solve your wardrobe woes.  I offer a selection of great patterns and fits in my shop and online.  No matter where you find your new favorite slacks, before you load up, try 1 or 2 pairs.  Wear them for a bit and then add more.


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