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Benefits of Custom


Most people here the word custom and immediately think expensive or unnecessary. But if you’re gainfully employed, or would like to be, custom shirts are an easy route to looking successful. Edith Head,  an American costume designer who won a record eight Academy Awards for Best Costume Design once said:

Edith Head Quote

Edith Head Quote

Clothing is a powerful tool, if utilized correctly. A rising popularity in startup culture with an influx of millennial employees has caused a dressing phenomenon in menswear.  Direct to consumer brands like  UnTuckIt have seen rapid success and sport kitschy mantras like “The Ideal Shirt for the Untucked Man.” Brands like these deploy simplistic off-the-rack shirting options for men, specifically designed to be left untucked.

Call me old fashioned, but aside from Casual Friday, untucked shirts are left to weekend runs to the grocery store. Men are looking like freed prep schoolers, ripping their stowed shirttails to freedom after the bell rings. Instead of looking like an unkept schoolboy, why not appear polished, stylish and successful? For those of you who haven’t drifted from the traditional tuck, this is a friendly reminder that fit is still KEY! (example below)
Off the Rack vs. Custom

Benefits of Custom Shirts:
– Long-lasting: These garments will last you far longer than cheaper, more temporary shirts. The price tag will certainly make up for the longevity. These shirts keep their shape, color and texture wash after wash.
– Durable/Quality Material: Choose from some of the best materials to best suit your needs. Do you need fabric that is wrinkle resistant or maybe a lightweight fabric for summer? Whatever your needs are we can make it!
– Showcase your Personal Style: You choose everything from the color and print, to the collar design. You have the control to make the shirt exactly what you want.
– Custom Fit: A customized shirt means quality construction and attention to detail. We will co-create a shirt that will make you look and feel your best.

See some examples of my Custom Shirts below. I can come to your home or office where we will have an initial consultation to take measurements, go over style needs and select fabrics. Contact me by phone or email to schedule your personal fitting: [email protected], 480.485.1680


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