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Be Like Justin


Justin Thomas has been an amazing golfer to watch on the tour this year.  He is ranked 2nd in the PGA tour and has had an outstanding career.  If you know me, I really truly care about what he wears! Yes…..he is the favorite to so many of my clients because how he swings his club and the shots he makes.  He is truly talented; however, his latest golf attire is what we need to focus on.  We don’t need to touch on what happened earlier this year.  He apologized.  We all make mistakes, and the media needs to learn to mind their own business. We all give people second chances when they slip up.

Justin has been seen sporting Greyson Clothiers at the latest tournaments.  I’m over the moon because he is wearing some of my absolute favorite looks.  He hasn’t signed a contract with them (that I know of), and I love that he (I think) buys his own polos and pants and wears what he likes.

(Photo from Pro Golf Weekly)

At the PGA Championships last week, Justin sported my favorite Greyson Clothiers polo to this day!  It’s called “Flora and Fauna”.  Every client who bought is, absolutely loves it.  I love this polo because the colorways, trims and art/print detail.  So cool. You can’t find anything else like it.

(Photo from PGA Tour)

At the Fedex Cup, he sported the “Blue Bird Polo” from Greyson.  I didn’t buy this one for my shop.  Super cool but I like other polos better.

(Photo from Forbes)

This Memorial Day weekend, Justin is sporting another Greyson Clothiers look, the “Standing Eagle Polo”.  Doesn’t he look great!!
I love seeing what golfers wear to their tournaments.  They inspire men allover the world and when they do it well, it makes me smile.  I especially love that Justin is wearing Greyson because he wants to.  My clients love this brand and they get tons of compliments when they wear it.  Even if they don’t play well, they look the part.   Who knows, maybe Greyson will sign Justin and give him a second chance. We all deserve second chances.


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