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Be Like Bill & Wear Short Sleeve Shirts


The 2020 NFL season is in full swing and life seems a bit more “normal” these days.  I enjoy watching the pregame shows to see what all the announcers and analysts are wearing.  The New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick, is known for sporting a hoodie with the sleeves cut off. In a new Subway commercial, Bill’s seen rocking his cutoff hoodie and cutting off the sleeves of a man’s suit to resemble his short sleeves.   I’m not seeing this as a trend, however, I have seen men rocking short sleeved suits.  These days anything is possible.

Wearing casual attire being acceptable to the office these days, I designed a new collection of short sleeve shirts to freshen up your fall wardrobe.  No, I didn’t take long sleeves and cut them off to be like Bill.  Mine are tailored and finished so they won’t fray.  I can cut them off if you want to be more like Bill.  I’m sure your biceps look better than Bill’s

White Solid $150

All products are available in-store or online:

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