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Attorneys With Style: Steven Serrano


Dressed For Success With Attorney Steven Serrano

I met Steven Serrano about a year ago and absolutely love his style.  It’s timeless, tailored and what every gentleman wants to wear. When I started interviewing lawyers, I was thrilled when he agreed to share his style secrets and advice.  Enjoy my interview with Steven Serrano.

     1.) Tell me about yourself and what type of law you practice.

I practice exclusively in the area of family law and family law mediation.

I attended ASU Law School and graduated in 1992.

     2.) Can you talk about your current style and how you dress for clients, court and/or meetings?

I always wear a suit to court, unless it is an informal conference, then I may wear a sport coat and slacks with a tie.   My suits are generally blue or grey and sometimes light shades of grey and tan in the summer.

  3.) Do you have a work uniform? Do you tend to buy/wear the same color suits, jackets, shirts, etc?  or no?

My work uniform is a suit or dress slacks.  If I am not meeting with clients, I usually am in dress slacks with no tie.  I tend to wear the same blue and grey color palette for work.

      4.) What advice do you have for new attorneys for building their wardrobe? What key articles of clothing should they have? What should they always keep in their office?

Every attorney should have a dark blue or charcoal suit.  I avoid black as I think it can make you look like an undertaker.   Every attorney should have a navy blazer and a pair of grey flannel and tan slacks.

Keep your shoes shined as well.   Always look professional in the office, even on casual Friday.

People notice good grooming.

      5.) Do you wear the same clothes for court and client meetings?  What do you usually wear for these events/meetings? Suit? Blazer? Tie or no tie?

Client meetings are generally a suit and tie.  

Court appearances are generally a suit and tie, with some exceptions.

  6.) Do you ever dress casual and if so, for what occasions? What are some casual looks you like to wear?

My casual looks are generally jeans and sweaters in the winter and shorts and shirts in the summer.   I hate wearing shorts all summer, but in Phoenix it is almost required because of the heat.

I wear jeans and sport coats for casual looks and dress slacks and sportscoats as well.

     7.) Anything lawyers should avoid wearing to court, client meetings or partner meetings?

Avoid wearing patterned clothes\suits in bright colors.   Men should be in a blue, grey or charcoal suits. I sometimes meet clients in a sport coat and slacks.  In my opinion, a client wants to see their lawyer in professional looking clothes that are tasteful. They don’t have to be expensive.   They only need to fit well.

  8.) How do you dress differently when the temperature gets so warm here in Phoenix? Do you keep an extra shirt at the office if you sweat? Wear more linen fabrics?

My suits are almost all year-round weight.  I don’t think it is a good investment to buy seasonal suits in Phoenix.  I do have some sport coats that are more winter versus summer. My casual clothes do change from sweaters and pullovers in winter to more linen and cotton for the summer.

     9.) Any advice or style tips you would like to share?

Pay attention to your grooming.   Make sure your belt matches your shoes (or at least close).

Wear lace up or monk straps shoes with a suit and invest in a good pair of brown and black lace-up dress shoes.

Even when you are wearing casual clothes, make sure they fit properly and are right for the occasion.

Better to be overdressed than underdressed for any occasion.

Thank you, Steven, for your interview.  This will wrap up my lawyer interviews. I may blog a couple more here and there but want to focus the month of May on womenswear and style and start interviewing well dressed Real Estate agents. Please email me your most fashionable real estate agents, brokers, etc.  Thanks everyone!

– Mary Zarob

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