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Arrive in Style – Super Bowl Style


This past Sunday all eyes were on Atlanta as the New England Patriots challenged the LA Rams in Super Bowl LIII.  We all know the outcome and whether you like it or not, the Patriots are the champions.  As fans around the globe sported their favorite NFL team colors in preparation for the big game, the players and coaches arrived at the stadium in style.  They showed up with their game faces on along with some statement suits and edgy outfits. Here are some of my favorite looks from this past Sunday:

LA Rams Jared Goff – Very simple and modern and safe.  Sometimes that’s ok, but I would have liked to see Jared suited up.
LA Rams Player – This dark teal plaid suit is on point and one of my favorite looks.
LA Rams Player – Fun galaxy shirt.
LA Rams Player – Fun galaxy shirt.
LA Rams Player – This ice grey shirt and jacket is one of my favorite looks. Gentleman need this for their spring wardrobes.
LA Rams Player – Can’t go wrong with a 3-piece suit.
LA Rams Player Todd Gurley & Company – Love their style.
LA Rams Players – Love this palm print shirt – Looks like silk to me.
LA Rams Sean McVay – Hard to see but very well suited.

On the New England’s entrance:

NE Patriots Bill Belichick – What a unique choice of neckwear.
NE Patriots & SB MVP Julian Edelman – Great style and swag.
NE Patriots Player– Classic white shirt with the placket detail – very nice!

NE Patriots Player – Love his double-breasted suit and turtle neck.

NE Patriots Rob Gronkowski – Love his plaid blue suit. He looks outstanding!
NE Patriots Tom Brady – Always stylish and looking effortless.


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