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All Star Game & Stripes


It’s midseason in MLB and that means baseball’s elite and the cream of the crop head to Denver for “The Midsummer Classic” formally known as the All-Star Game.  From the Home Run Derby and fans clinching their gloves to catch a ball, nothing screams baseball like pinstripes.  From Red Socks to the Yankees to the Chicago Cubs and beyond, every team always looks GQ in their pinstripes.  Men have been wearing pin stripes in their suits or decades and I’m seeing more and more stripes in men’s shirtings.  Maybe more bold and bright than the gentleman in the MLB, but still all looking fresh.  There is something about a pitcher walking up to the mound getting ready to through his first pitch that looks fresh and screams summer (and a hotdog and peanuts) as seeing a man in a bold stripe shirt or suit.  Especially when its modern and fresh.

Here’s how you wear strips this summer while keeping it modern and fresh.

Bold shirt stripe with color and well tailored

No more oversized shirts.  You want something tailored but not tight.  Also, pick a stripe that reads more color than white.  That means the width of the colored stripe is the same width or wider.  Simple stripes are classic and safe but why try something safe when you can pick something more bold.

Suits stripes woven with pinstripes with color

I’m not talking your classic banker stripe – think stripe where the thin white stripe is woven in a color.  Sure, it can be navy with pink or green or it can be blue on blue.  It softens the look but is still fresh.  Nothing clowny here, classic menswear with a modern twist.

Polos with stripes

Sure very nautical and preppy but more modern when tailored, not baggy and with a contrast collar.  You can pick color on color stripes or bold chest stripes.  The finer stripes are more MLB like, however, polos made in your favorite sports team that doesn’t have a logo are very modern and fresh.  Cheer for your team in stripes that match your favorite teams colors.

As you can see, All Star Game season doesn’t only have to be about sports, three-digit pitches, home runs and good players. You can combine great sports and great style all at the same time.


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