Style is an expression and I like to bring this out in everyone.  I help men and women create a style that is unique.  It is easy to shop at a store and buy exactly what is on the mannequin. This look isn’t always the best look for you.  I help educate my clients on what fits their body type,  what colors look best on them and how to put outfits together.

I got my start in fashion 15 years ago,  studying men’s design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  Living in New York, fashion consumed and inspired me.  Whether designing at Calvin Klein Jeans or Macys, I was infatuated with color,  fabrics, textures,  patterns, designs and prints….every aspect of great distinctive style.   I am excited to bring this passion of personalized style to my clients in Arizona.

As a committed shopper, I traveled the world focused on this sole purpose.  My time in amazing cities like London, Paris, New York, LA, San Francisco and Chicago fed my desire to find unique, modern, and classic pieces.  Living in Phoenix today, I am focused on bringing all these experiences to the men and women I work with to develop and enhance their unique style.  Whether this means upgrading their wardrobe,  find a few signature pieces or incorporating seasonal trends, my clients look and fell their best.

Let my experience in design and fashion help you to achieve the look that defines you.


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