Meet Mary

Mary Zarob is a New York-trained designer and stylist, who helps men and women find clothes that fit properly and make them look their best. Mary knows that style is a personal expression, and she works to cultivate this for every client.  She helps men and women develop a personal style that is unique and distinctive.  While it is easy to go to a store and buy exactly what is on the mannequin, that look doesn’t work for everyone.


Mary helps educate her clients on what compliments their body type, what colors accentuate their features, and how to build a wardrobe that allows you to conveniently pull a look put together.

Mary’s career in fashion began 15 years ago studying men’s design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.  While living in New York, fashion consumed and inspired her constantly.  Whether she was designing at Calvin Klein Jeans or Macy’s, the color, fabrics, textures, patterns, designs and prints all played crucial roles in the creation of that specific garment. Every aspect of great, distinctive style came together harmoniously.​
This passion for personalized style is now available to clients throughout Arizona.  As a personal shopper, Mary has traveled the world to study international fashion and bring a well-rounded approach to her clientele.  Time spent in amazing cities like London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago fed her desire to find unique, modern, and classic pieces.  Living in Phoenix today, she is focused on bringing knowledge from all these experiences to the men and women she works with, expressly to develop and enhance their unique and personal style.  Whether this means upgrading their entire wardrobe, finding a few signature pieces, or incorporating seasonal trends, Mary’s clients leave feeling confident.


Let her experience in functional design and fashion help you to achieve a signature look that defines you.

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