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5 Sport Coat Options for Your Fall Wardrobe


Jacket weather is fast approaching and it’s time to assess what you have.  Fall is all about dressing in layers and a jacket is a key item to have.  Don’t have one, don’t worry.  I’ll walk you through some looks and suggestions to add the right sport coat to your wardrobe depending on your wardrobe needs.

I don’t have any sport coats (that even fit or I like to wear) –  I would recommend a mid/dark blue or mid/dark grey sport coat.  This will be a jacket you can dress up or down.  You can wear to the office or cocktail party.  I suggestion classic styling with notch lapel and straight pockets (stay away from peak lapels, patch pockets and ticket pockets.)  Classic styling is timeless and take care of this coat and it will last 10-15 years.

I have the basic blue or grey jacket and want something with a little more style –  I would suggest a jacket with a subtle pattern or texture.  If you already have a great blue jacket, then pick a grey jacket with subtle pattern and design.  If you have a grey jacket (in your wardrobe) you love, it’s time for a blue sport coat with texture or simple pattern.  It can be a lighter shade or pick a fabric with some shine.  Don’t be afraid to pick something with a little style or color.

I need a jacket light weight jacket that travels well –  The key here is pick a light weight soft fabric you can fold easy.  Stay away from corduroy, velvets, heavy tweeds, etc.  I also recommend not lining the jacket and maybe not even having a shoulder pad (depending on your frame).  Think of this as your go to travel jacket.  It’s not something you will wear to a formal event or presentations.  It’s a layering piece you pair with jeans, dress shirts, sweaters, flannels, t-shirts, etc.  Most likely you won’t be wearing a tie with this coat.

I have the basics and want a jacket with pattern that won’t go out of style – Here are some great options.  One thing to think about is this jacket for business? For going out? Or for both? When you pick a jacket, think of where you would wear it and could wear it. If you would be shy to wear to a client meeting, maybe wear a basic coat to a client meeting and wear this patterned coat when you take them out for dinner or to a convention.  Don’t be afraid to stand out of the crowd.

I want something that is loud, bold and makes a statement –  Yes!!! Here are some of my favorite patterns this fall to add to your wardrobe!!!

Stop by my shop anytime to get any of these jackets made just for you.  I’ll help walk you through picking the right fabric, pattern and style of the jacket.   Don’t have time to come in and I’ve already made a jacket for you, send me an email of what you like and I’ll get it made.

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