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5 Most Common Pant Alterations We See at Our Phoenix Shop


5 Common Pant Alterations

Many of us have pants that don’t or perform how we like.  They are too big, tight, the zipper is broken, too long or too short or holes in places we don’t want.  Before you donate the pants or get rid of them all together, have them tailored.  Not sure if you can? Not to worry.  As a Custom tailor in Phoenix, Arizona, here are the 5 most common pant alterations I help my clients with and hope it helps you:

  1. Pant Length – pants are either too long or too short – Yes, you can make pants shorter, and sometimes you can make them longer. Every tailor can shorten slacks.  Bring them by my shop, I’m happy to help.  If you plan to wear the slacks with a certain shoe, bring that shoe (especially heels).  If your pants are too short, look at the hem of the pant and see if there is extra fabric on the inside.  If so, they can be lengthened that amount.  Watch my video below to help explain.  I sometimes do a French hem – where you add fabric on the inside to help length the hem to the max.
  2. Zipper breaks or loses the zipper pull – Yes, I can replace zippers especially if the teeth go missing or it doesn’t work anymore. Sometimes, I don’t need to replace the entire zipper and the pull just needs to be replaced.  It’s a very common alteration I help customers with.  If the zipper pull falls off, save it.  I may be able to put it back on.  Same with buttons.
  3. The waist is too big or tight – Yes, taking the waist of pants in is a very common alteration on both men’s and ladies’ slacks. I can do this on jeans, slacks, military uniforms, elastic waisted slacks, tuxedo pants, shorts, and more. Sometimes (depending on the pockets and the clients’ frame) I do darts instead of taking in at the center back of the pant.  Watch the video to help explain.

I can also (sometimes) take the waist out to make it bigger.  There needs to be fabric available on the inside of the pants to make the waist larger.  Jean – I can’t (unfortunately).  Most men’s dress slacks you can do this.  See the video to explain what I’m referring to.

  1. Taper or trim the legs of pants – This is a very common alteration. Many times, the actual leg of the pant is very wide and baggy. I can make it trimmer.  This is a more detailed fitting and alteration but it’s a great way to make older pants more modern.
  2. Patch up holes – I especially do this in jeans in the thigh area.  Because most people’s thighs rub together when they walk, this friction on the fabric rubs and creates holes.  This is a very common repair.  No need to through your jeans or favorite slacks away.  I can patch it up.


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