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5 Most Common Alterations Questions


When buying off the rack, clothes don’t always fit how you like.  Why is that? Designers and brand have a “fit model” they base their fits on.  The design teams decide what fit and look they want based on who their customer is, and they grade the patterns up or down.  That’s why you maybe a medium in one brand and a large in another brand.  Don’t lose sleep over it.  It’s just a size.  Personally, I’m a 4 at one store and an 8 at another store.   Simple alterations can help clothes fit better and be more comfortable.  Here are 5 of the most common alterations questions I get asked:

Can you alter clothes not purchased at your shop?

Of course! I am happy to tailor clothes you find in your closet, department store, amazon, etc.  I do alterations for men, women and children. Bring them on over.

Do I need an appointment for alterations?

No, appointments are not needed for alterations.  You are welcome to stop by anytime.  You can always call and schedule an appointment if you prefer, but not necessary.  If you would like to call (or text), my number is 602-301-6987.

Can you tailor uniforms?

Yes – I can tailor school uniforms, police uniforms, military uniforms, sports uniforms, etc.  I can take jackets in, sew patches, tailor shirts, alter jumpsuits, hem your favorite sports jersey, etc.  If your uniform is fire resistant, I cannot tailor those.  I do not have fireproof thread.  Bring your uniform by anytime.  I give special discounts to Chicago Bears Jerseys…kidding.  Go Bears!! All are welcome and happy to help.  Even Packers fans.

How much to hem pants?

I charge $15 to hem pants (men’s and women’s).  If you like cuffs, it’s $18.  If your pants are lined, it’s $30.  If your pants have a very wide leg opening, I charge more because it takes longer to do the alteration.

My favorite jeans have a hole in the crotch/thighs, can you fix it?

Yes! This is one of the most popular jean alterations I do.  When you wear jeans, your thighs can rub together causing the fabric rub and become thin and holes are made.  Do not throw your jeans out, bring them to me (after you clean them).  I can patch them up.  Most people won’t see the patch unless they are looking up your legs.  It’s a very common alteration.


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