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5 Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is around the corner.  Besides gifting Dad something fashionable from my shop, here are 5 more great gift ideas to get your Dad this Father’s Day:

High Performance Driving School

For the Dad who has been cooped up during quarantine and needs to break loose.  What better than driving school.  I know there are a handful of other schools around the nation and we have one local here in AZ.  I haven’t done it myself but looks pretty cool.  You can go with him! Make a day of it. 

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I’ve signed up for this and absolutely love it.  It’s a series of online lessons from masters in cooking, art, fashion, theatre, science & technology, business and more.  You listen to talks from some of the best in these specialties and they share their stories, skills, shortcuts, failures and successes.  It’s something you can watch with your dad and learn together.  I’m loving the fashion courses as well as the cooking courses.  I enjoy spending my evens watching that vs Netflix or Hulu.

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Wine Club with Tarbell’s

Tarbell’s is a Phoenix restaurant serving an organic, seasonal menu featuring local produce, fresh seafood, fine meats, and more.  They are located up the street from me at 32nd and Camelback.  Besides serving amazing food, they also have a wine shop and wine club.  The wine club is a great gift for the dad who likes a good glass of wine.  I know I get in the habit of always buying the same 3-4 brands of wine when I go to the liquor store.  By joining their wine club, it can help him try different wines and who doesn’t want that?!  I love this gift idea because Dad will think of you every time he cracks opens his new bottle of wine, however,  I hope you get to enjoy a glass or 2 with him.  Most Dads love time with their kids and grandkids.  Why not share time together over a glass of wine.  It’s a win!

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Omaha Steaks OrHobe Meats

I gifted my Dad Omaha Steaks one Father’s Day and he (and my mom) loved it.  They kept them frozen and made them every couple of weeks.  You can also buy steaks locally at Hobe Meats and do the same thing.  You can also order them dinner from some of the best steak houses in town and have it delivered (if Dad doesn’t want to go out to eat quite yet).  I like just gifting the meat because he can decide to grill it when he’s ready.

Omaha Steaks       Hobe Meats

Family Photos

We all take so many photos and most of them stay in our phones.  Why not get some printed and framed as a gift to give your father.  They can be of your kids, photos from the holidays, while golfing, etc.  Another idea I had was to take a photo this Father’s Day and send it to him a week or two after with a nice note. 

I want to wish all the Dads, Stepdads, Granddads, Dads-to-be and Father Figures a very Happy Father’s Day!!

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