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5 Advantages When Buying a Custom Suit


Buying a custom suit is a great option when building your wardrobe or planning what to wear for a special event.  Many times, buying off the rack works but sometimes it doesn’t.  Here are 5 reasons my customers prefer to buy a custom suit vs off the rack suit:

1. The Fit

Every man and woman’s body and proportions are so different.  They also like clothing to fit differently.  When shopping for an off the rack suit, you can’t always get the fit and feel you want.  Sure, you can always tailor the suit but still then it doesn’t fit. You can’t always adjust the chest, cross back, armhole and shoulder.  When getting a custom suit made, those fit issues are taken into account and the jacket and pant is built from the beginning to solve these fit issues.

2. The quality

When I make custom suits for my clients, I partner with mills who make some of the best quality fabrics in the world.  Some are super 110’s 100% wool to super 170’s wool cashmere blend and everything in between.   The mills have been around for hundreds of years and make fabrics that last.  When buying off the rack, you can’t always guarantee the quality and where the fabric came from.  Also, how to take care of it and if it’s the right quality for the purpose of the suit.  I ask my clients what the purple of the suit is and looking at their build, I help them pick the right fabric and quality for what they need.  I also help educate them how to take care of their suit.  Many suits off the rack are fused – meaning the front panel has a glue giving it its shape vs canvas.  I use canvas to build my suits and give them their shape. This lasts much longer and is better than glue.  After many cleanings, the glue fusing tends to bubble and come apart.  You may have seen this on your off the rack suits.  This won’t happen with canvas and the suits I make.

3. Picking the Pattern and Designing the garment

When you buy a custom suit, you get to choose the fabric, fit and all the details. That includes:

  • Pockets
  • Lapels
  • Lining
  • Buttons
  • Vents
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Pick Stitching
  • Thread colors and more

This may seem overwhelming; however, I help walk you through every step and detail.  You can also keep it simple and pick some details but not all.  When you purchase a suit off the rack, the designer or brand decided all the garment details.  For solid colors and basics, this isn’t an issue, however, if you want something more patterned or in a certain shade of blue, you may be stuck.  Having a custom suit made, you can bring a photo in of what you are looking for and I can find that look for you and give you many options to choose from.

4. It’s Convenient and Saves Time

When you make a custom suit with me, I keep all your measurements and details on file. The next time you need a suit or jacket, I can get the suit into works and you don’t have to even come into the store.  Many clients pick 2-4 fabrics they love during their first appointment.  I keep these fabrics on file so when they need their next suit, I know what blue check or grey fabric they were eyeing.  They don’t have to come into the shop to pick all the details.  I can send photos of lining and buttons for them to pick from.  My client’s wives, girlfriends and partners appreciate it too because they can come in and shop for them.

5. It’s Fun

Men and women love designing and wearing custom clothing because it’s unique to them and fun! No one else will have that suit and it’s personal to him or her.   Your personality comes out in the clothes you wear and custom making it is a great way to show your personality.  From the color to the fit to the lining.  You feel great wearing something made just for you.   You get excited to wear it and stand taller when you wear clothes at fit your frame.  Try it.  It’s FUN! I promise.

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