In years past, Hollywood men arrived at the Globes all suited up.  This wasn’t the case last night.  They sported their best tuxedo.  It was so pleasing to see.  I almost thought I was watching the Oscars.  The main look was classic tuxedo with a twist of old Hollywood glam.  Here is a breakdown of my favorite looks and great ways to turn up your tuxedo:

Classic Tuxedo – The original and most classic model is the 1 button, notch label, single breasted tuxedo.  The reason there is 1 button is because it allows the front to be cut in a deep “V” shape which mimics the ideal male torso.  Peak lapels and shawl lapels are equally authentic and timeless.  Tuxedos are most commonly worn with a white shirt and black bow tie.

Formal suits are typically made from wool and so are many tuxedos.  But not always.  Many men at the Globes wore a velvet dinner jacket with tuxedo slacks.  Still classic and timeless (at times), however, this lush fabric shined just like they did.  A velvet dinner jacket is a great way to evolve your black-tie look without going overboard.  The men who did wear velvet jackets, other than the traditional black color, stayed pretty dark and conservative.  Years past, I’ve seen brighter colors and bold velvet patterns.  I’m seeing this trend happening more and more.  Men are dressing up but not in a flashy bold way like before.  They are dressing more classic. Here are some of my favorite looks:

If the classic black tuxedo isn’t the look you want or you have this already, try a hint of color to your tuxedo.  What does that mean? Instead of black fabric, try midnight blue, white/ivory, charcoal or even shade bolder.  At award shows in the past, Hollywood men would wear bold colored tuxedos, suits and even patterned looks.  I did see some men tonight sporting these looks and here are some of my favorites.  The white or ivory tuxedo is classic and timeless.  I feel the midnight navy is the same.  I applaud the men who wore a bolder color because they pulled off the look perfectly.  They had the right shirt, tie and accessorized it on point.  Don’t forget, it is a party and if you have the confidence, wear something bold.  I don’t see this trend continuing but if you love it, wear it.

I have been talking about the monochromatic look for a while now and especially love it with a tuxedo jacket.  Black jacket paired with black shirt and slacks.  Head to toe black.  The look may not translate well to a white tuxedo or cream tuxedo.  Navy – maybe.  Here are some men who pulled off the look successfully last night:

The men weren’t the only one’swearing tuxedos Sunday night.  The women of Hollywood suited up beautifully.  Sexy tuxedos to sparkle tuxedos to tuxedo inspired looks.  These ladies suited up nicely.  Here are some of my favorite looks….well done ladies!!

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