Step Up Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring Sport Coats IMG_5677 IMG_5782 IMG_5771

Improve your wardrobe this spring with jackets, shirts and accessories.

There are 3 simple ways to step up your style this spring:

1. Make sure your have a jacket or sport coat with pattern and color.  Plaids are still very popular, however, I am seeing a lot in the berry color or softer shades of blue.

2. Accessorize!!! Pocket squares, ties, shoes, belts, etc. You can take a simple navy or grey suit and add some color with your accessories to give your look new life.  It’s spring time and everyone loves color. Don’t be shy.  Ties and hankies are great ways to add color.

3. Custom made shirts with contrast details can be worn to the office or out for happy hour.  The weather is getting warmer and wearing a shirt with contrast details is a great way to show personality and style.